Hall of Fame Members

Name Hall of Fame Class Sport(s)
Patti Anderson full bio Patti Anderson 2011 Basketball and Track
Elmer Ball full bio Elmer Ball 2010 Coach: CC and Track and Field
Jim Bates full bio Jim Bates 2010 Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track
David Berney full bio David Berney 2016 Football, Basketball, Track
Willie Breyer full bio Willie Breyer 2015 Football and Wrestling
Tiffany Brown full bio Tiffany Brown 2015 Basketball
Megan Burns full bio Megan Burns 2016 Soccer and Basketball
Roslyn Chapman full bio Roslyn Chapman 2010 Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Track
Michael Fedorinchik full bio Michael Fedorinchik 2012 Football, Basketball, Baseball
Ted Freymiller full bio Ted Freymiller 2014 Coach
Christopher Gambol full bio Christopher Gambol 2010 Football and Track
Michael Gardner full bio Michael Gardner 2011 Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track
Terry Geliske full bio Terry Geliske 2014 CC, Wrestling, Track
Eric Ghiaciuc full bio Eric Ghiaciuc 2011 Football, Wrestling, Track
Michael Goodfellow full bio Michael Goodfellow 2010 CC and Track and Field
Heather Hall full bio Heather Hall 2013 Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Softball
Caryn Herrick full bio Caryn Herrick 2011 Basketball, Volleyball, Track
Elijah Jones full bio Elijah Jones 2014 Baseball
Kellen Kalso full bio Kellen Kalso 2011 Football and Soccer
Chris Laidlaw full bio Chris Laidlaw 2012 Football, Basketball, Baseball
Gerald Laidlaw full bio Gerald Laidlaw 2011 Coach
Michael Lantry full bio Michael Lantry 2010 Football and Track
Zach Line full bio Zach Line 2013 Football
Tony Lyssiotis full bio Tony Lyssiotis 2015 Football and Wrestling
Edgar Meads full bio Edgar Meads 2010 Football and Track
Carianne Meystrick full bio Carianne Meystrick 2015 Track and Field
Leaton Noftz full bio Leaton Noftz 2011 Coach and Administrator
Merrit Oliver full bio Merrit Oliver 2012 Football, Basketball, Baseball
Pamela Phipps full bio Pamela Phipps 2012 Basketball, Volleyball, Softball
Donald Quayle full bio Donald Quayle 2012 Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track
David Rayner full bio David Rayner 2012 Football and Soccer
Donald Richmond full bio Donald Richmond 2011 CC and Track and Field
Maurice Rowley full bio Maurice Rowley 2011 Coach: Football
Bobby Schmidt full bio Bobby Schmidt 2013 Football, Wrestling, Baseball
Helen Smith full bio Helen Smith 2010 Contributer
Ian Smith full bio Ian Smith 2010 Basketball Coach
Edward Stull full bio Edward Stull 2011 Football, Basketball, Baseball
Ray Sutherland full bio Ray Sutherland 2012 Coach- Football, Wrestling, CC, Softball, Track
Lisa Tester full bio Lisa Tester 2014 Basketball and Volleyball
Dan VanVleet full bio Dan VanVleet 2014 Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track
Andrew Vascassenno full bio Andrew Vascassenno 2010 Contributer
Erik Welch full bio Erik Welch 2016 Track and Field
Jenny White full bio Jenny White 2013 Basketball